Rewriting Women’s Roles in Mythology, Folklore and Fairytales

Virgins & Vixens gives players the opportunity to reshape the women in folklore and create new ideas about how women can behave… maybe saving the day in the process! 

Virgins & Vixens Game Information:

  • Stand alone: You don’t need any other game books to play!
  • All ages: Young children may need help with some of the vocabulary
  • Designed for Narrator (GM) & 1-4 players but up to 8 can play
  • Narrative game design encourages creativity and role-play
  • Short 10 page booklet has a Narrator’s Guide, works with text-to-speech, and is searchable on digital devices
  • 8 custom Storybooks (character sheets) included

Players start out as one of 8 classic women archetypes found in folklore, fairy tales and mythology around the world. These archetypes have severe limitations – just like the one-dimensional tropes of women found in these types of stories! Through game-play mechanics like Defiance Rolls and collecting Empowerments, the players break out of these constraints and rewrite the tale of their character!

This game is a stand-alone tabletop role-playing game. Everything you need to play is included in the download, except for dice.

Note: This game book includes historical art from around the world, including Egypt, India, Africa and more. A few instances display some partial nudity. Feel free to preview the pieces with partial nudity to make sure it is acceptable before making your purchase: Petra MosaicEgyptian Sky GoddessPrincess & Attendant

A game that examines the roles of women in traditional folklore and rewrites them. I love both the mechanics and the message it carries. The mechanics is a simple 3D6 pick highest/lowest depending on your descriptors. A character starts with descriptors that fit their traditional gender roles, but they get to replace them with new ones as they act defiant to the roles assigned to them. It is a beautiful and thought-provoking game!

- W.H. Arthur, Creator The Sol Survivor

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