Space exploration in the flavor of famous episodic science fiction shows!

a Powered by the Apocalypse game

Starscape focuses on the dynamics that form between personalities as your crew explores the stars. It’s ideal for stories that focus on a small number of main characters who agree on a central goal, such as in Star Trek, Farscape, Firefly or Stargate. You will choose a playbook from the ten common character archetypes found in sci-fi stories, each with a unique set of moves and specialties. Trust is the most important commodity for a crewmember, and the stories you tell will center around gaining and losing the trust of your shipmates. 

This game does not provide a setting, but together with your gaming group you collaboratively create your center of operations, be it a ship, space station or planet-located base, as well as other important details about your universe. Starscape can work in all different types of science fiction settings, so feel free to pull from your favorite sources, mix and match, or create something completely original to explore.

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Writer and Creator Kimi has been creating table-top RPG content for over a decade. After playing and GMing dozens of systems, she developed a fondness for TTRPG systems that included collaborative world and backstory development. That fondness gave her the idea for a card system that could add these elements to any RPG system: Decuma! With her company Golden Lasso Games, she develops indie RPGs and tools for gaming. She also manages the Happy Jacks RPG network of streams and podcasts.

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