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Decuma Art!

15 Sep 2019
Decuma Art!

Decuma Update:

We are still collecting feedback from beta testers and the response has been incredible! People LOVE Decuma! They are also incredibly creative in finding new ways to use it or play it to meet their needs! Even non-gamers are finding it useful to combat writers block and come up with story ideas!

The goal is to fund the publication of Decuma through Kickstarter. We are on a timeline to launch in early 2020, probably in late January or early February. Sign up for our email list to stay in the loop, or follow Kimi on social media at @goldenlassogirl .

Meet our Artist:

Tarot cards are all about the art, and Decuma is no exception. To ensure that our game is of the highest quality, we have brought on an incredible artist! Samantha Terry is a professional designer and artist. She has designed merchandise for a number of companies, including Blizzard, DC Comics, and Warner Bros. Entertainment. A talented artist and tarot enthusiast, Samantha is drawing incredible custom designs for the cards in the Decuma deck. She also uses her skill to create custom clothing custom clothing and jewelry for her company, Stiarna.

Samantha has been working diligently with Kimi to create a unique design for the Decuma deck! Check out some of their amazing concepts!

The plan is for the final deck to be in vivid, full color. Don't let the sketches fool you! Make sure you join our email list to see the art as it's finished!

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