Updates for the production of Decuma can be found on the Decuma Kickstarter Page

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The proof decks for #Decuma have arrived! They are so beautiful! It’s amazing to hold our first physical game in our hands.

Check it out @Redpandroid @StrangeLikeThat and @quiddie!! We did it! 💖 #ttrpg http://goldenlassogames.com/Decuma

We hit 200 followers! Thank you all so much for joining us on this wild adventure! #ttrpg #indiegames

It’s #NationalUnicornDay! We LOVE UNICORNS and are currently designing a #ttrpg for kids where they play unicorns. Check out the game art WIPs by @wumbreons! 🤩🤩

These are all looking so fantastic. The baby unicorns are just too cute for words! #TTRPG #indiegame

We are so excited for this! UNICORNS!!! 🤩🤩🤩 #ttrpg #indiegames

Did a fantastic play test of our sci-fi #pbta game today! @PactofTheFerret @TheInstaGrahame @JenKatWrites and @AquaVertigo put it through its paces and gave a ton of valuable feedback. We can’t wait to have you all at our table again! #ttrpg 🚀

Decuma is in the process of being printed!

We've already jumped in and are working on our next two games. Our sci-fi #PBTA hack v1.0 is finished. We are hoping to start play testing it this month!

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The last of our #Decuma files (the instruction booklet) was sent to the print factory today. I’m not sure why, but it felt right to photograph the screen.

This project has been a huge undertaking, but the game will be in our hands soon. 🤩

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