Starscape is a Gauntlet Podcast Favorite!

Starscape was named in The Gauntlet Podcast’s 2022 Favorite Game recap episode, even though it is still in beta!!

It’s sort of based on these Trust mechanics, and when I say “trust mechanics,” I mean the currency is trust… we ended up having so many good scenes in this game, that I’m going [to say] that when this game is all polished and everything, it’s going to be really brilliant. But that was a game where it was just one really good scene after another. So Starscape is a PBTA to kinda keep an eye on, ok? Really good. But a very different sense of how you are moving around through scenes and stuff. I really enjoyed that.

Sherri, The Gauntlet Podcast

You cal listen to the full episode on The Gauntlet website, and the comments about Starscape start at 1:25:30.