Starscape PBTA

Trust, like breathable air, is a precious commodity in space.

Starscape is a Powered by the Apocalypse game that focuses on the ebb and flow of trust and the dynamic relationships that form between a crew as they explore the stars. It is a found-family game that is ideal for stories that focus on a small number of main characters who agree on a central goal, such as in Star Trek, Farscape, or Firefly. Trust means life or death for a crew. Everyone must trust in each other, their ship, and even their own abilities to successfully navigate the vast emptiness of space.

Starscape is still being beta tested. It is available for free (or pay what you will) on for feedback purposes. is a game development website where play testers can leave feedback, and developers can post development and change logs. Join our beta test!

It has not been through the layout, proofreading or editing process. Please enjoy the game with that in mind. We appreciate your time and interest and would love your feedback via the link in the PDF or our Discord server.


Players choose a playbook from ten of the common character archetypes found in sci-fi stories, each with a unique set of moves and specialties. Together, you collaboratively create your ship and other important details about your universe. Starscape can work in all different types of science fiction settings, so feel free to pull from your favorite sources, mix and match, or create something completely original to explore.

Starscape is not designed to be a simulationist take on science fiction. There can be lots of combat, but game focuses on the relationships  and interactions between the player characters, with adventure, danger, and combat utilized as narrative options to help explore the theme of trust.

Written by Kimi Hughes

Character Art: Kaek

Book & Cover Art: Bryan Vectorartist, Yessi Yun