Partnership with El Refugio Editorial

I’m excited to announce that El Refugio Editorial, a tabletop-roleplaying publisher based in Spain, has asked us for the rights to publish a Spanish translation of Virgins & Vixens!

We were wary of having an unfamiliar company take on Virgins & Vixens because of it’s deeply personal message and clear feminist intent. While the game is mechanically simple and easy to brush off as a “princess game,” it actively works to subvert the tropes present in all patriarchal societies. It would be very easy for the wrong company to erase that message to appeal to the masses.

El Refugio Editorial put our fears to rest with some fantastic conversations about their company values, political stances, and most importantly, the fact that they were drawn to Virgins & Vixens because of its message, not in spite of it.

We are looking forward to our first experience partnering with another publishing company to make our games more readily available in other parts of the world.