Updates for the production of Decuma can be found on the Decuma Kickstarter Page

Golden Lasso Games News

Check your emails! Starscape beta v1.0 has been sent out to beta testers! 👀 #starscapepbta

It’s coming! #starscape will soon be available for beta testers. It’s a PBTA game about found families and trust. It’s meant to recreate crew relationships like what we see in Firefly, Farscape, Cowboy Bebop, and many of the Star Trek series.
Sign up: http://goldenlassogames.com/playtest

ANNOUNCING: #Decuma is now available through our website! If you missed this kickstarter, now is your chance to get a BEAUTIFUL deck of original art that will serve as the R&D for ANY RPG! #ttrpg https://goldenlassogames.com/shop

Wonderful. We know we can trust you with the proper care and feeding of your Decuma deck!