Updates for the production of Decuma can be found on the Decuma Kickstarter Page

Golden Lasso Games News

This was a fantastic stream! They had a blast using our game Decuma! 🤩💖

DECUMA BACKERS! The decks are shipping SOON! Please update your shipping info!!

We ordered a precise number of decks, so if yours is lost because of an incorrect address we may not have an extra to send you! :( #decuma https://app.crowdox.com/retrieve/goldenlassogirl/decuma

Interested in a Sci-fi #PBTA hack about trust and found family in space? Want to play something that recreates the bonds between the crew in Star Trek, Farscape or Firefly? Check out our upcoming game #starscapepbta ! Here is a 🧵of the playbooks ⬇️ #ttrpg

Need to cleanse your #ttrpg timeline? Have some very good, sweet, magical ponies from our upcoming kids' game, Manes & Magic.

There are still good things here, friends.

Art by the amazing @wumbreons 💖

Elle is bringing these fantastic images to life perfectly! We can’t wait to introduce you to our magical family of unicorns!

Good News! We have arranged for another factory to print #Decuma for us! We are putting the art on their templates as we speak and have already put in our down payment.

We will post a solid timeline once they approve all the templates. 🎉👏🏼🥳

Our unicorn #ttrpg, Manes & Magic, is coming along nicely! Each playbook is a different breed of elemental unicorn. Guess which element this one is? 🌊

Art by @wumbreons 🤩

We have the most amazing Kickstarter backers EVER. The overwhelming positivity and support is just mind blowing.

You've all spoiled us. All future Kickstarter projects will have to live up to this one and... well, how could they? <3

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