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Decuma: The R&D for your RPG

Decuma is “the R&D for your RPG”: a tarot-inspired card game that helps the GM and their players collaboratively create all the important details for their campaign, including key locations, character connections, and setting conflicts. Plus, Decuma can be paired with any tabletop RPG setting or system, including D&D, Savage Worlds, Powered by the Apocalypse, Pathfinder, and more—so you never have to worry about compatibility.

Decuma uses a unique set of question cards that give the whole experience a feeling of mystical interconnectedness—as if Destiny herself is guiding the campaign! Decuma saves the GM a ton of prep time and can be easily customized to focus on (or exclude) specific aspects of campaign creation. You can use it to add depth to a pre-written adventure or to create a home-brewed world from scratch!

Best of all: this big world-building tool fits into a little card box! There are no books to lug around!

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Virgins & Vixens

Rewriting Women’s Roles in Mythology, Folklore and Fairytales

Virgins & Vixens gives players the opportunity to reshape the women in folklore and create new ideas about how women can behave… maybe saving the day in the process! 

Players start out as one of 8 classic women archetypes found in folklore, fairy tales and mythology around the world. These archetypes have severe limitations – just like the one-dimensional tropes of women found in these types of stories. Through game-play mechanics like Defiance Rolls and collecting Empowerments, the players break out of these constraints and rewrite the tale of their character!

  • All ages: Simple mechanics are easy for children to understand
  • Designed for Narrator (GM) & 1-4 players
  • Narrative game design encourages creativity and role-play
  • Short 10 page booklet has a Narrator’s Guide, PDF works with text-to-speech, and is searchable on digital devices

This game is a stand-alone tabletop role-playing game. Everything you need to play is included in the download, except for dice.

Note: This game book includes historical art from around the world, including Egypt, India, Africa and more. A few instances display some partial nudity. Feel free to preview the pieces with partial nudity to make sure it is acceptable before making your purchase: Petra MosaicEgyptian Sky GoddessPrincess & Attendant

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Starscape PBTA

Trust, like breathable air, is a precious commodity in space.

Starscape is a Powered by the Apocalypse game that focuses on the ebb and flow of trust and the dynamic relationships that form between a crew as they explore the stars. It is a found-family game that is ideal for stories that focus on a small number of main characters who agree on a central goal, such as in Star Trek, Farscape, or Firefly. Trust means life or death for a crew. Everyone must trust in each other, their ship, and even their own abilities to successfully navigate the vast emptiness of space.

Starscape is still being beta tested. It is available for free (or pay what you will) on for feedback purposes. is a game development website where play testers can leave feedback, and developers can post development and change logs. Join our beta test!

It has not been through the layout, proofreading or editing process. Please enjoy the game with that in mind. We appreciate your time and interest and would love your feedback via the link in the PDF or our Discord server.

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Manes & Magic

Little unicorns with elemental powers go on big adventures!

In a beautiful world of mythical creatures, baby unicorns spring to life from the magical elements that surround them. Each baby starts with powers from one element: the earth, water, air, fire, ice, or life. These babies form a family herd and take on the adventure to find the rest of their kind. As they travel, they learn from their experiences and gradually grow into adult unicorns, gaining more elemental powers along the way.

Manes & Magic is a charming tabletop RPG designed for children ages 6-11, with a simple narrative design and dice mechanics that are appropriate for young ages and stunning art by Elle Maru.

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