This is the temporary landing page for the Decuma Kickstarter!

If you are seeing this page, it means you arrived a bit early for the party. We appreciate your enthusiasm! <3
Please save this URL and check back soon!

The Kickstarter will start on:

02/02/2020 at 2pm PT


Why Kickstarter?

Honestly, because it is the best platform for crowdfunding tabletop RPGs. We’ve looked into many options, but none have the same level of effectiveness or trust associated with them. There is a large, very active tabletop gaming community on Kickstarter that is lacking on other crowdfunding platforms. It will give us the best chance at success for Decuma.

That said, we are aware there has been controversy over Kickstarter lately, specifically about their employees trying to unionize and the alleged attempts by Kickstarter to shut that down.

We 100% support the Kickstarter employees in their efforts. At this time, the employee organizers are specifically asking people NOT to boycott the Kickstarter platform. They want creators and supporters to continue as normal while they are in negotiations with Kickstarter management because it gives them the power of the boycott to use later if negotiations do not go well. Boycotting Kickstarter before they call for it may actually negatively impact their ability to unionize.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out!