514% FUNDED on Kickstarter!

We are thrilled to announce that our first game, Decuma, successfully funded on Kickstarter! The last month has been incredible and we have learned so much!

Together we reached 514% of our fundraising goal, unlocked EVERY STRETCH GOAL, and spread the word so 1,771 people supported Decuma. We blew away all expectations and made this project a smashing success. WOW!

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. <3

If you want to follow the updates for Decuma's Kickstarter and production process, please check the updates posted on the Kickstarter page.

Interested in future Golden Lasso Games projects? Sign up for our email list at goldenlassogames.com/subscribe ! It will be a long while before we do another Kickstarter, but we have more PDF games and print on demand games planned for the near future!


It's Art Time!

In preparation of our Kickstarter, which is launching February 2nd, our amazing artist has started designing the first of the Decuma designs! Samatha thought starting with the fool and star cards. They are beautiful! We have several more cards in the works and can't wait to show you more!

We've also redesigned the backs of the cards after getting feedback from our beta play-testers. We've added symbols to the backs to help differentiate the different card types for players who struggle with differentiating color and changed the style to better match the stunning art on the front of the cards!

We've also added another amazing member to the Decuma team! Mac Beauvais is a seasoned brand professional specializing in licensed product management and development.She has 10+ years experience in the entertainment business overseeing thousands of products on over 30 brands, from concept to completion She also has a personal interest and passion for the entertainment field, having immersed herself in mediums such as film, console gaming, online gaming, literature, comics and more.

She is lining us up with incredible vendors that produce merchandise for top-name companies to create the rewards for our Kickstarter. Her experience and knowledge are a huge boost to this project!



Decuma Team Update!

Happy Holidays!

The GLG team it hard at work prepping for our debut Kickstarter for Decuma! We have locked in an art style for the game and have

finalized the launch date, February 2nd, 2020 at 2pm PT!

Or 02/02/2020 if you are a numbers nerd like us!

We don't have a custom Kickstarter URL yet, but we will redirect goldenlassogames.com/kickstarter there once it goes live.

We've added another incredibly talented individual to the Decuma team. Aabria Iyengar played in the very first game of Decuma, long before it had a name and when it was just a bunch of charts scribbled in a notebook. She has been instrumental in its continued development through every stage of the process. A familiar presence on multiple tabletop RPG streams and podcasts, Aabria also serves as the CMO of Dice Envy, where she uses her marketing knowledge to grab attention for their wonderful products. We are so excited to officially add her to our team as the Director of Development and Marketing!

Decuma Art!

Decuma Update:

We are still collecting feedback from beta testers and the response has been incredible! People LOVE Decuma! They are also incredibly creative in finding new ways to use it or play it to meet their needs! Even non-gamers are finding it useful to combat writers block and come up with story ideas!

The goal is to fund the publication of Decuma through Kickstarter. We are on a timeline to launch in early 2020, probably in late January or early February. Sign up for our email list to stay in the loop, or follow Kimi on social media at @goldenlassogirl .

Meet our Artist:

Tarot cards are all about the art, and Decuma is no exception. To ensure that our game is of the highest quality, we have brought on an incredible artist! Samantha Terry is a professional designer and artist. She has designed merchandise for a number of companies, including Blizzard, DC Comics, and Warner Bros. Entertainment. A talented artist and tarot enthusiast, Samantha is drawing incredible custom designs for the cards in the Decuma deck. She also uses her skill to create custom clothing custom clothing and jewelry for her company, Stiarna.

Samantha has been working diligently with Kimi to create a unique design for the Decuma deck! Check out some of their amazing concepts!

The plan is for the final deck to be in vivid, full color. Don't let the sketches fool you! Make sure you join our email list to see the art as it's finished!

Decuma Beta 1.1 Update & More Actual Plays!

Decuma Beta Update:

Decuma is a world-creation tool that uses tarot cards to create locations, character connections and more for your tabletop RPG campaign! (But since you're here, you probably know that already!)

The beta version of Decuma has received some amazing feedback! Thank you to everyone who has play tested it. We've made a few tweaks, additions and corrections and you can now get the updated Decuma Beta 1.1! It's also finally ready for a bit of a larger audience so Beta 1.1 is now available on itch.io too!

The final version will be Kickstarted later this year and the plan is to make custom tarot decks with the questions printed on them. I'm working with an artist to finalize the style of the cards and will release some teaser images soon. Stick around for more info!

Decuma Actual Plays:

Wondering what Decuma looks like in action? It has been used a few different times on actual play shows as a stand-alone game or to start campaigns. You can check these games out on Youtube!

Thank you for your support of Golden Lasso Games! :)

Virgins & Vixens RPG and Decuma Beta Test!

Number One TTRPG on Itch.io:
Our first role-playing game, Virgins & Vixens, was released this week as part of the itch.io Folklore Jam and we are BLOWN AWAY with its reception! It is currently the most popular "physical game" on the site! You can check it out at https://goldenlassogames.itch.io/virginsandvixens

"In Virgins & Vixens, players start out as one of 8 classic women archetypes found in folklore, fairy tales and mythology around the world. These characters have severe limitations - just like the one-dimensional tropes of women found in these types of stories! Through game-play mechanics like Defiance Rolls and collecting Empowerments, the players break out of these constraints and rewrite the tale of their character!"

We have been getting great feedback from people who are checking it out! The game includes a full-color searchable PDF, a printer friendly version without art or color, and a separate file of the custom "storybook" character sheets for the game.

Decuma Update:
"In Roman mythology, Decuma is the Fate tasked with allotting a mortal’s thread of life. Our game is a tool that facilitates collaborative world-building and character connections using tarot cards. It is effectively a game-before-the-game and gives your PCs the threads of life that you can weave into your long-term campaign! Decuma works in conjunction with any RPG system, from D&D or Savage Worlds to PBTA and FATE! "

Decuma is ready to be released into the world! The game that is the "R&D for your RPG" has been through a few months of in-person testing and we think it's ready for a wider audience. You can download the Beta Test PDF at http://goldenlassogames.com/decumabeta and play with any traditional 78 card tarot deck. You can leave feedback at http://goldenlassogames.com/decumafeedback .

Remember, the plan is to have the game be available as custom tarot decks with the questions printed on them. This dramatically increases the speed and ease of play from looking each card up on the charts. This will work well enough for beta testing though! We already have an artist lined up and some cards designed, and w are hoping to run a kickstarter later this year to help get the game to the world in its FINAL FORM!

Thank you for your support of Golden Lasso Games! :)

Updated Cards & Video of Decuma!

Things have been progressing for our debut game, Decuma! We have had a series of prototype decks professionally printed and have been sharing them at select events in southern California. Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers! Your feedback has been invaluable to molding Decuma into what it is today!

We will have a PDF tester version of the game up on the website soon. Keep an eye out for that! In the meantime, you can watch the first streamed play-through of Decuma to see how it works! Thanks to the Happy Jacks RPG crew for testing it out! You can watch it at goldenlassogames.com/decumaAP!

Playing at Game Häus Cafe

Golden Lasso Games has been taking our first game to Game Häus Cafe in Burbank for play testing! It's been wonderful to try our game with a new audience and get their feedback!

Want to try out our tarot world-building game, Decuma? Look for us at upcoming Story Games Glendale meetups!

Playtesting at OrcCon 2019!

Our first game, currently titled Decuma, is currently being play tested at OrcCon 2019 in Los Angeles. We are receiving a lot of positive feedback and are thrilled at the reactions from the con-goers! We will be incorporating the feedback we are collecting from the players into the next version of Decuma. There is currently not a timeline for the release of this game.

Decuma is a world-building tool that can be used with any tabletop RPG system before a campaign. We are very excited about its possibilities and look forward to sharing our next steps with you!