Golden Lasso Games is a woman-owned tabletop games company that is dedicated to creating products that facilitate dynamic roleplaying experiences.  It was formed in 2018 by Kimi Hughes and is based in Los Angeles, California.


Golden Lasso Games is endeavoring to creating games and products that facilitate inclusive and creative roleplaying experiences. We are dedicated to working with a diverse group of artists, writers, designers, and publishers, and believe that it is important to give priority to marginalized creators. We will only work with individuals or companies that agree with our stance that Black Lives Matter, trans rights are human rights, feminism is the future, no human is illegal, love is love, and representation is vital for the next generation. All art, including games, convey a message from their creator. Play our games to learn more about us.

Kimi Hughes

Kimi has been gaming since her preteen days, which is longer ago than she’d care to admit. She rejoined the hobby with some friends from the Renaissance Faire when D&D 4e was released, forming the Happy Jacks RPG collective of streams and podcasts, and has been wandering the world trying system after system ever since. After over a decade of playing countless TTRPG systems and managing Happy Jacks Network, Kimi decided it was time to start creating games of her own.

Game Design & Development:
Virgin’s & Vixens (Golden Lasso Games in the US, El Refugio de Ryhope in Europe)
Decuma: The R&D for your RPG (Golden Lasso Games, 500% funded on Kickstarter)
Manes & Magic (Golden Lasso Games, in development)
Starscape PBTA (Golden Lasso Games, in development)
TBA (Penny for a Tale Games)

Professional Adventure Writing:
Demigods PBTA (Probably Ok Games)
Kids on Brooms (Hunter’s Entertainment)
5th Edition D&D (Fat Magic 5e Kickstarter)

In addition to tabletop RPGs, Kimi is a veteran cosplayer who is especially known for dressing up as her hero Wonder Woman. Kimi has used her geek knowledge and costuming skills to contribute to multiple fan-film projects, including the Rainfall Wonder Woman trailer (2013) and Metroid: the Sky Calls (2015), and in 2015 her original Bombshell Big Barda design was used by DC Comics as the canon design for the character. In 2017, her blog post about the Amazons’ bikini-armor costumes in Justice League went viral, infuriating fanboys all over the internet and earning her mentions in Glamour, The Hollywood Reporter, People, and many other media outlets. She was relieved to fade back into internet anonymity soon after.

You can read about Kimi’s antics on most social networks as @GoldenLassoGirl.