Playing at Game Häus Cafe

Playing at Game Häus Cafe

Golden Lasso Games has been taking our first game to Game Häus Cafe in Burbank for play testing! It’s been wonderful to try our game with a new audience and get their feedback!

Want to try out our tarot world-building game, Decuma? Look for us at upcoming Story Games Glendale meetups!

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  1. Sweet! And if you are reading this and wondering about “story game nights”, just know that it’s not sponsored specifically by Game Haus Cafe, but actually a meetup called Story Games Glendale (found at David and I founded it over 2 years ago, and although we primarily do the bi-weekly Tuesday meet ups at Game Haus, venues may change or be added, as well as game nights. Check it out at the Meetup web site above.

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