Updates for the production of Decuma can be found on the Decuma Kickstarter Page

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Wonderful. We know we can trust you with the proper care and feeding of your Decuma deck!

More information about #decuma! A review by @WhatDoIKnowJR #ttrpg

We are looking for a publishing partner to help us take #Decuma to the next level! What company would you like to see us work with?

Did you miss the Decuma kickstarter? Do you love the deck you got and want more? Sign up here to get notified directly when more are available: http://goldenlassogames.com/moredecuma

Decuma is starting to arrive!! We have confirmed deliveries in multiple countries!

The first shipments of Decuma are arriving at people's doors! Make sure to take a picture when you get it and share! I WANT TO SEE THEM! #decuma

If you're still waiting, keep an eye on your email. The warehouse will send you and email when it's packed and again when it ships!

DECUMA SHIPPING HAS STARTED! The warehouse will take a week or two to pack all the orders and mail them, but some are already on their way! Keep an eye on your email for the notification that your deck is on its way!

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