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Decuma Beta 1.1 Update & More Actual Plays!

Decuma Beta Update: Decuma is a world-creation tool that uses tarot cards to create locations, character connections and more for your tabletop RPG campaign! (But since you’re here, you probably know that already!) The beta version of Decuma has received some amazing feedback! Thank you to everyone who has play tested it. We’ve made a…
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Virgins & Vixens RPG and Decuma Beta Test!

Number One TTRPG on Our first role-playing game, Virgins & Vixens, was released this week as part of the Folklore Jam and we are BLOWN AWAY with its reception! It is currently the most popular “physical game” on the site! You can check it out at “In Virgins & Vixens, players start…
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Updated Cards & Video of Decuma!

Things have been progressing for our debut game, Decuma! We have had a series of prototype decks professionally printed and have been sharing them at select events in southern California. Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers! Your feedback has been invaluable to molding Decuma into what it is today! We will have a PDF…
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Playing at Game Häus Cafe

Golden Lasso Games has been taking our first game to Game Häus Cafe in Burbank for play testing! It’s been wonderful to try our game with a new audience and get their feedback! Want to try out our tarot world-building game, Decuma? Look for us at upcoming Story Games Glendale meetups!

Playtesting at OrcCon 2019!

Our first game, currently titled Decuma, is currently being play tested at OrcCon 2019 in Los Angeles. We are receiving a lot of positive feedback and are thrilled at the reactions from the con-goers! We will be incorporating the feedback we are collecting from the players into the next version of Decuma. There is currently…
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