Golden Lasso Games is a women-owned company that is creating dynamic roleplaying experiences through innovative products.


A tool for any TTRPG:

Decuma: the R&D for your RPG

A tarot-inspired card game that helps the GM and their players collaboratively create all the important details for their campaign, including NPCs, key locations, character connections, and setting conflicts.

A New RPG System:

Virgins & Vixens

Virgins & Vixens gives players the opportunity to reshape the women in folklore and create new ideas about how women can behave... while going on adventures in the process!


Space Adventure PBTA Hack

A Powered by the Apocalypse Engine hack, in the flavor of our favorite space exploration TV shows. Prepare your crew and boldly go into uncharted space!


Moving On

You have died. You remember dying. In front of you is a familiar figure. They smile at you and you hear them say, “I have been waiting for you…”
Moving On is a card-based storybuilding game where players work collaboratively to create a story, starting at the moment of their death. Currently in development.

Gaming with Kids Guide

When can my kid play D&D? How do I get them to focus long enough to finish a game? Why do they automatically try to kill everything that moves?
Kimi shares her wisdom, built on her MA in Education and over over a decade of working with kids, with adults who want to successfully introduce kids to the TTRPG hobby.

Unicorn Tales: A Kids RPG

This simple, charming RPG uses the same word-based advancement system as our game, Virgins & Vixens. Players play as unicorns who learn new abilities as they go on adventures.


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