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A few things we’re working on:

Decuma – The R&D for your RPG

In Roman mythology, Decuma is the Fate tasked with allotting a mortal’s thread of life. Our game is a tool that facilitates collaborative world-building and character connections using tarot cards. It is effectively a game-before-the-game and gives your PCs the threads of life that you can weave into your long-term campaign! Decuma works in conjunction with any RPG system, from D&D or Savage Worlds to PBTA and FATE! Currently play testing with a kickstarter planned for late 2019. Join our mailing list for updates.

Virgins & Vixens – An RPG

Virgins & Vixens is a tabletop RPG in which the players dismantle the tropes of women found in folklore and mythology around the world. At a time in history when women are striving to be seen as equals, it is crucial that we recognize the flaws in our oral traditions and strive to improve how women are portrayed. This game does that by having players start off as the one dimensional characters with which we are so familiar and uses game mechanics to give them depth and individuality. Currently play testing with planned release by May 18th. Join our mailing list for updates.

Gaming with Kids

This guide covers strategies for handing the common challenges of playing with RPGs with kids. An educator with over a decade of experience shares the tips and tricks to deal with lacking math skills, group decision making and more! Currently in development.

Moving On – A card-based story game about Death

You have died. You remember dying. In front of you is a familiar figure. They smile at you and you hear them say, “I have been waiting for you…” 

Moving On is a card-based storybuilding game where players work collaboratively to create a story, starting at the moment of their death. Currently in development.

Latest News

Recent updates from Golden Lasso Games:

Updated Cards & Video of Decuma!

Things have been progressing for our debut game, Decuma! We have had a series of prototype decks professionally printed and have been sharing them at select events in southern California.[…]

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Playing at Game Häus Cafe

Golden Lasso Games has been taking our first game to Game Häus Cafe in Burbank for play testing! It’s been wonderful to try our game with a new audience and get[…]

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Playtesting at OrcCon 2019!

Our first game, currently titled Decuma, is currently being play tested at OrcCon 2019 in Los Angeles. We are receiving a lot of positive feedback and are thrilled at the[…]

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Meet Golden Lasso Games

Golden Lasso Games is a women-owned company that was started in 2018 by Kimi Hughes, who finally decided to put some of her crazy ideas in print. Kimi has been producing content for the RPG community for nearly a decade. She is best known for her management and hosting of the Happy Jacks RPG advice shows and actual plays, her many panel appearances at conventions around the US, and her continued advocacy for diversity in gaming. 

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